The Little Prince Forest

A mini urban forest at the LFM

What about reconnecting our students with nature by planting a mini-forest?

Next November, our Year 2 and Year 7 pupils are embarking on a great human adventure: planting a Miyawaki forest opposite the school.

The Little Prince Forest will celebrate the power of a community and the children’s vivid imagination to transform the world. It will be a key natural asset in this urbanised area and will become an important landmark for our school community, an example of green infrastructure for the well-being of everyone.

The botanic model of the Miyawaki forest consists in planting different layers of native shrubs and trees in a high density: rosemary, strawberry trees, pomegranates and stone pines are some of the species fit for the site. In the 400m2 granted by the City of Alcobendas for this project, about 2,000 trees will be planted – about 3 or 4 plants per square meter. It will bring back this barren land to life and develop into a proper ecosystem where wildlife can thrive within three years.  

The pupils will take care of their forest for a couple of years, and every day, on their way to school, they will see how a dream can grow into a beautiful reality.

This project was introduced in March 2021 to the Year 2 and Year 7 pupils and it will be carried out for three years.
Before the planting, which will take place at the end of November, all the pupils have worked on the tree, its role, how it functions and grows and the choice of species for our forest. This project also opens the doors to literature, urban planning, and civic commitment to the planet. 

Books in the school library

The presentation of the project to the Cityhall of Alcobendas

The presentation of the project to the LFM volunteers