Les CM2 ont un nouveau compagnon: Duck!

Suis les aventures de Duck. Chaque semaine, les CM2A et les CM2B publieront deux de ses aventures!

Épisode 10

Duck’s adventures by Marina (CM2A)
Duck is already on vacation mood. He went to the pool so he swam. He enjoyed the water very much! My dog loved him, but Duck was very scared (my dog is a bit naughty). Afterwards, we prepared a small carrot juice for Duck, he drank it all!

Épisode 9

My adventures with Duck by Eva (CM2A)
Saturday, 18th June 2022
In the morning, I went to a rhythmic gymnastics competition with my club and we won a medal with our hoop dance. We got third position! Duck loved it. At midday, I went to a rhythmic gymnastics show and we did a dance with ribbon. In the afternoon, I went to Alejandra’s birthday. We celebrated in her swimming pool, then we went to  Foster’s Hollywood for dinner. Duck loved the cake.
Sunday, 19th June 2022.
In the morning, I went shopping at a mall with my mother and sister. My sister bought a pair of shoes and Duck helped her to decide the color. At twelve o’clock, we went to have lunch at a restaurant and for dessert, Duck chose a strawberry milkshake. In the afternoon, I did my homework and Duck helped me with my conjugation exam.

Épisode 8

My adventures with Duck by Victoria (CM2A)
When Duck arrived home, he met my dogs: Tina and Kipo. They were very
excited to meet Duck. They would not stop wagging their tails.
During the weekend, Duck made a cupcake and in the end, he ate all of it.
On Monday, when I came back from school, Duck was playing as if he went to
the beach, to Paris and even to space !

Épisode 7

My adventures with Duck by Juan (CM2A)
On Friday, 10th June Duck swam in the swimming pool because it was very hot.
The next day Duck watched how the barber cut my hair, then he ate a
hamburger at Tony Roma’s. He loved it !
On Sunday, Duck came to my soccer training, he didn’t know soccer existed.
After, Duck and I played soccer.

Épisode 6

My adventures with Duck by Benjamin (CM2A)

This morning, Duck played basketball.

Then he went to the pool to cool down, where he met his cousin who lent him his pirate ship. 

Once dried, he played video games.  

Épisode 5

My adventures with Duck by Aya (CM2A)

Duck went to the Lycée Français de Madrid in Conde de Orgaz and he took part in a few physical challenges.

At home he played noughts and crosses. He was very hungry so he ate cake and he loved it.

Duck made friends.  

He went to the zoo.

Épisode 4

My week with Duck by María (CM2A)
Duck made lemon ice creams.  He ate them. He said they were delicious.
Duck painted a picture. He gave it to me for my bedroom.  I was very happy !

Épisode 3

My story with Duck by Caroline (CM2B)

When Duck arrived home, he was very tired so he slept. After that, he decided to ride a cat like a horse.  He read books and he watched TV. He had fun.

Épisode 2

Duck’s adventure with Nicolàs (CM2B)

First, Duck and I played minecraft.

After that we helped my father to put his bags in the car because he was going to Barcelona. 

Duck and my family played Monopoly.

The next few days, we rode a bike.


Épisode 1

Duck lives in New York City in the USA. But on Thursday, 14th April he travelled by plane and arrived in Madrid the following day. He was very tired! On Sunday, 17th April, Duck looked for Easter eggs. He found two chocolate eggs and one chocolate rabbit! During the week, his cousin Pirate Duck and Duck played in the park, climbed trees and visited Madrid. Duck had a great time, but now he would like to spend time with the CM2A and CM2B!

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Suis les aventures de Duck. Chaque semaine, les CM2A et les CM2B publieront deux de ses aventures!