with the 7th grade

On Friday 10 June the 5A and the 5B went on an adventure in English in “La pedriza.” They left at 9 am from the school “Saint Exupery” and came back at 6 pm. They walked, they got wet, they made a botanical fragrance, they fought  (not in an aggressive way),  and they learnt English in a fun way. What did they learn? What did they eat? How did they fight? Find out with us!

River hiking: 

We went to the Manzanares river with a waterproof suit and boots. The game consisted in spotting frogs, fishes, snakes and different types of flowers. If you found a frog, you could get a red bracelet, and the same thing if you found two snakes, five fish in the same place and five different types of flowers. We went walking in the river (because it wasn’t deep at all), trying to find the animals and the flowers. The water suit saved us from getting wet. Even so, some people got wet because they wanted to swim in the river, and some others simply filled.

The water was very cold. OUR LEGS WERE FROZEN! 

Perfume :

We had a mortar to crush flowers and plants. The park ranger asked us to grab some flowers and plants that smelt nice or bad, like thyme or daisy. Susana also asked us to look for flowers of different colours like the dandelion. Afterwards, she gave us a piece of aloe vera. The aloe vera is a very sticky and slimy plant, it is very good for the skin (for example for a sunburn) and humans can eat it. After, we smelt it and we put some on our arm.

Water battle

Just before lunch. The supervisors prepared 6 buckets of water and 2 huge buckets full of water guns. The game consisted in choosing a captain in each team without the other team knowing. There was a safe place which was around the buckets where you could not be shot. You had to try to wet the other team’s captain but without knowing who it was.   


After lunch, we had a little break and then we started another round of activities. We started a geology activity which had two parts, looking at rocks and crystals and the second part was finding a shelter.That last part was really interesting and consisted in finding a shelter which could protect you from rain, animals, and that would retain heat. We had 10 minutes to search for a good shelter,it could be made out of dirt or wood but the best ones people found were made of stone.


This game is a mediaeval war game. In this game we made two teams and we put a black or white tunic then we took the swords and the flail. There was a quick in each team, a quick who was the only one that could touch the ball. Each team had a zone and the other team’s quick had to run with the ball in his or her hand while the team mates had to defend by hitting them with the sword. If the quick was touched he had to let go of the ball immediately and only the other team’s quick could catch it. It was a very fun game. 

We had a lot of fun on this expedition in “La Pedriza”! It was nice to see our teachers and classmates in another environment and we learnt a lot through the activities. It was great to be out and enjoy nature for a while, among the trees and rocks, and the Manzanares river. We should do that more often!

The 5AB students