Ludovic Flandin

Ludovic Flandin helps our school to make the “Petit Prince” forest. He makes other forests in Spain but I won’t say more about it because we  have a page full of information about Ludovic Flandin.

He was born in France and he has a little boy of 2 years old who is also very interested in nature.

He had a passion for plants in his childhood: when he was a kid, he loved  plants very much and many times he helped his parents in the garden, watering plants and taking care of the orchard. But he lost interest in it in his teenage years.

He studied in “Grande École”, in France, and has a master in business management. He also studied reforestation methods.

He dreams to have  an adorable farm with animals and a vegetable garden with many types  of vegetables. His other dream is to make the plantation of forest a full time job. Ludovic started planting forests in 2018 with  enthusiasm. He plants forests of fruit trees and urban forests. He planted forests especially in Mayorca (3 forests), in Paris and he is now going to plant an urban forest in Madrid-Alcobendas.

Before, planting trees was a hobby but now it is a job, a job transition.

He has 2 jobs:

  • Planting Forest
  • The sustainable development of a Garden Center Company

He does his job because he encourages people to go outside and plant for the community.

Another project he has is to replant hedges because we have a lack of hedges around fields, and personally, I think it is very beautiful.

Thank you Ludovic Flandin for helping our school to make this project and now we know a little bit more about you.

By Clara and María