Muggle Quidditch

The Experience


This Monday, the grades eight went to the rugby pitch to play muggle quidditch, a sport inspired by the grand Harry Potter series. They  got to enjoy this exotic game with Miss Roux, their P.E. teacher and Miss Castrec, their English teacher.

With a “broom” between their legs and the teams already made, the whistle blew and the game started. They played in teams of seven with different coloured jerseys. Five minutes later, the energetic snitch and the seekers entered the match. While the players ran around scoring points, the seekers chased the snitch who was allowed to run everywhere, except for the bleachers.

The students first prepared the pitch with all the necessary equipment. There were three hoops on each side of the pitch. Up for grabs there were the balls: a volleyball, for scoring; three dodgeballs, for beating the opponents and tied to the snitch’s shorts there was a sock with a tennis ball inside. 

By Marina, Mía and Inés

We have also interviewed the 5A and 5B to get their opinion on their experience playing Muggle Quidditch. 

“I loved playing Quidditch, because it was so fun to run around and be chased by people trying to get me off my broom” – Alejo, student of the 5B class

“It was so funny to see half of the class running around with hockey sticks between their legs” – Martin, student of the 5B class 

“I loved being the seeker and running around the entire stadium trying to catch the snitch” – Côme, student of the 5A class

By Omar and Côme